If you are seeking braces for the first time or searching for an alternative to traditional braces and Invisalign®, then ClearCorrect® is the perfect solution to realign your teeth. We offer this solution at our San Diego dental clinic, and you can also get your teeth straightened discretely. If you want to enhance your appearance, and live in North County Area, you are welcome to call at (760) 945-7000, and schedule a personal consultation to know how this treatment can be your dental solution.

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What differentiates ClearCorrect®?

ClearCorrect® braces are a series of clear aligners to position teeth into place. They do not rely on wires and metal brackets to move the teeth. The aligners are made of clear plastic, which is comfortable to wear and appears almost like a full retainer. If appropriate care is taken and their surfaces are not scratched, aligners also remain transparent and nearly invisible. At Dentistry 2000, during the treatment process, we will tell you how your aligners can be kept in superb condition.

The ClearCorrect® aligners are created after taking an impression of your teeth and gums. Then our lab creates a series of aligners that begin with the current position of your teeth and gradually move them till they are completely straight. Each aligner is used for four to six weeks and then replaced with the next aligner in the series. The aligners are created to put pressure on particular teeth so that they can be gradually moved to enable a more comfortable experience. If you wear all the aligners in the series, your teeth will shift from a crooked to a perfectly straight position.

Traditional Braces vs. ClearCorrect®

Impact on appearance and inconvenience are the major differentiating factors between the two. There’s no doubt that regular metal braces are highly useful for treating misaligned jaws and straightening teeth. Putting braces is the most common orthodontic procedure, and is equally effective for adults and children. The technology associated with putting braces has improved—making metal braces far more comfortable.

But this teeth realignment procedure still requires a metal bracket to be placed onto each tooth with a metal wire threaded between them—secured in place with rubber bands. While modern braces are smaller than before, they are still conspicuous and affect the way a person appears and feels. Many people find dealing with the braces aspect a stressful distraction and an intrusion into their professional and personal lifestyle. Metal braces are also tricky to keep clean. Food often becomes stuck between the brackets, and special floss is required to remove stuck food.

In fact, patients have told us that wearing braces they were forced to change their diet and not eat some of their favorite food items. While braces can cause a temporary inconvenience, it can be a frustrating one with the added effort of spending more time flossing and brushing throughout the day.

If you are living in and around North County, take advantage of the added convenience factor of ClearCorrect®. As you are required to take off the aligners when eating, there are no restrictions on which foods items you can consume and therefore no worries about food getting stuck and awkwardness while eating. As they are needed to be worn for 22 hours in a day, the two hours without them leaves you plenty of time to plan and enjoy a romantic dinner, a business meeting, or a lunch with friends.

Another compelling advantage of wearing ClearCorrect® braces when compared with traditional ones is that sportspersons, musicians, and choir singers can remove the aligners to participate in these activities. But we recommend that athletes wear a mouth guard during practice or a game, and with ClearCorrect® aligners this is possible. Traditional braces, on the other hand, make it difficult to wear the mandatory protective gear without further irritation.

If you seeking a dental solution for misaligned teeth and also play sports regularly and live in the North County area, we welcome you to schedule a personal consultation with us to know and see how much easier it is to keep wearing a mouth guard while using ClearCorrect® to straighten your teeth. Read what others are saying about our ClearCorrect® braces on Yelp: ClearCorrect® Braces San Diego.

Dr. Assadian and his highly qualified staff are here to assist you in all aspects of your dental needs.