It is no doubt that your overall image can be badly tarnished with damaged, cracked or discolored teeth. Your confidence and smile can be extremely leveled down if your teeth are not in good shape or right color. Fortunately, for people who face all these issues, porcelain veneers are a safe, affordable and easier solution. At Dentistry 2000, our expert staff combined with the use of advanced technology provides quality dental services to our esteemed patients.

Porcelain veneers have gained a lot of popularity among patients who desire flawless white teeth and a more natural-looking smile. These are very thin veneer sheets made of porcelain designed to cover the surface of your discolored or damaged teeth providing you a smile makeover that will look and feel natural.

Traditionally Gold has been the material of choice in the past procedures. Porcelain nowadays is more popular material since it is more natural-looking , cosmetically appealing , and more durable.

With this resurfacing technique, porcelain veneers have become an excellent choice for patients who are unhappy with their teeth color and shape. Dentistry 2000’s lead dentist Dr. Assadian, a talented and experienced cosmetic dentist is committed to performing cosmetic dental procedures at the highest level. If you have gaps between your teeth, stained or misaligned teeth, Dr. Assadian can correct those imperfections with porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers are safe, effective and will completely transform the look of your smile in a short interval of time without hassle, pain or high-cost. They do not require multiple visits or any sort of surgical intervention.

The only way to fully determine whether you are a candidate for porcelain veneers is by schedule an appointment with a highly skilled cosmetic dentist. Visiting Dentistry 2000 is the first step to getting porcelain veneers. Dr. Assadian will evaluate your health history including current dental health. He will evaluate your teeth enamel to determine if you are suitable for this treatment. Dr. Assadian will recommend alternative treatments for patients who does not qualify for porcelain veneers.

Schedule a consultation today. Dr. Assadian and his highly qualified staff are here to assist you in all aspects of your dental needs.