If you are in the Oceanside area and are looking for quality preventive dental care Dentistry 2000 should be your first choice.

Dentistry 2000 provides top-notch preventive dental care, then look no further. We excel in taking care of our customer’s dental concerns and all sorts of dental issues , and therefore, are known to run the best preventive care available in the Oceanside area.

Dentistry 2000, take pride in offering advanced digital X-ray technology for observing and diagnosing your dental conditions a lot better. We have non-traditional digital dental X-ray equipment in our premises that uses a small sensor directly connected to a computer, unlike classical film packets.

This make the complete procedure much faster, efficient and comfortable for us and our patients. It helps us view images quickly with improved viewing. The best thing about our preventive care in digital x-rays is that it avoids use of chemicals and reduces 70-80 % use of radiation. Hence it is way safer and comfortable for our patients, time- saving, more accurate also, we can electronically store the images.

Comprehensive Dental Exam

We understand your deep concern regarding your dental health and conduct the initial dental exam very comprehensively and responsibly. On your first visit, our aim is always to ensure complete dental examination before considering a treatment plan for the mentioned problem(s).

Our qualified and experienced dentists examine your teeth and check for cavities, decay and periodontal disease. We look for abnormal wear and tear in the oral cavity to ensure a good overall diagnosis and treatment of the issue in hand. We make use of digital dental X-rays to look between your teeth and check for signs of damage. Also, we conduct a head and neck cancer screening exam to rule out the possibility of oral cancer or even ulcers.

At Dentistry 2000, we understand the importance of dental prophylaxis.

Prophylaxis can cut off the need for costly dental treatment if done twice a year. When you visit us, we remove dental plaque and other irritants from your oral cavity during your dental checkup to improve oral health.

We use digital X-rays to look for decay and cavities and make provisions to take care of the dental issues then and there to limit the spread of disease. After a thorough dental exam, remove old deposits from your teeth by ultrasonic dental cleaning, if needed, and conduct scaling with a polish to give you a gleaming smile. We also find it necessary to discuss any treatment plans for your problems.

With prophylaxis, we treat your dental conditions, such as gum disease in its early stages.

Sealants constitute part of preventive dental care and must be used as soon as newly erupted teeth are visualized. When teeth erupt, they form deep grooves around them which can accumulate food particles and debris, and thus cause decay in future. Sealant is a clear coating which is placed on chewing surface of teeth to protect them from potential decay.

This non-invasive procedure neither requires anesthesia nor high prerequisites. We simply brush the sealant on the teeth which is later hardened by a special light and helps prevent collection of food particles and decay/cavities. This preventive dental treatment is important to ensure long-term teeth protection and safety from any ominous dental issues.

Schedule a consultation today. Dr. Assadian and his highly qualified staff are here to assist you in all aspects of your dental needs.