What is TMJ Disorder?

Temporomandibular joint disorder/dysfunction – also called TMJ/TMD – is a collection of disorders that range from headaches, jaw clicking or jaw popping, teeth wear and teeth grinding to facial pain. Clinically, this condition is termed as TMJ pain or TMJ disorder or just as TMJ.

Choosing a dentist for TMJ disorder

Choosing an experienced and trained dentist when it comes to TMJ is critical since there is no such thing as a TMJ Specialist. The American Dental Association does not have a category for this specialization.

Hence, opting for an expert dentist for your TMJ Disorder is the key to a better treatment. Very few dentists in Oceanside qualify for this tedious and complex disorder treatment. Dr. Assadian is a pioneer in diagnosis and full treatment of TMJ Disorder. In his years of training, he has completely mastered this area of human disease that involves the face, neck and mouth.

Dr. Assadian spends ample amount of time and consideration in every case as each patient has unique symptoms and diverse clinical presentations that require appropriate treatment for best outcomes.

TMJ Treatment Options

Many techniques can be used for TMJ Disorder treatment and the goal is to provide a long-lasting solution rather than a temporary relief. Dr. Assadian will try to reposition the head, neck, jaw and teeth for proper alignment and balance.

At the first appointment, Dr. Assadian performs a thorough evaluation of the presenting TMJ dysfunction using advanced diagnostic equipment to determine the point of instability and underlying causes. He then systematically develops a customized treatment plan for every patient individually.

TMJ Mouth Guard

At our office one of the treatments used is the TMJ Mouth Guard. It is a removable oral appliance used by patients who grind their teeth. This device is worn at night to prevent over grinding and clenching that leads to teeth wear, decay and gum disease.

Bite Correction

Patients also visit us frequently for their TMJ related biting problems. Dr. Assadian aligns teeth to perfection and can also build up or remove extra tooth structure depending on the need of each patient’s treatment for unnecessary biting.

Signs of TMJ Disorder

The TMJ joint connects upper jaw to the lower jaw and opens and closes the mouth. When it malfunctions while opening or closing, it creates stress and instability. Sadly, there is no defined single cause of this disorder. It can occur due to head trauma, inflammation or disease, failed orthodontic treatment, missing teeth or other environmental factors.

Other very common symptoms are headache, pain around ears/neck/shoulders, clicking or popping of jaw, teeth grinding, locking of jaw or restricted jaw movement and sinus pressure.

We provide TMJ disorder-related migraine/headache relief instantly right after your first visit. We also utilizes advanced technologies that enables best methods for in-depth treatment of TMJ disorder. Call today to get an appointment and be on your way towards TMJ relief! Dr. Assadian and his highly qualified staff are here to assist you in all aspects of your dental needs.