Tooth decay is something we cannot avoid despite a reasonable oral hygiene. With early detection, decayed teeth can be easily cleaned and protected from future decay with a filling.

With a promise of mercury-free dentistry, Dentistry 2000 cosmetic dentist, Dr. Assadian, offers porcelain or dental composite tooth-colored fillings. These fillings are capable of blending flawlessly with your natural smile and provide great protection, even better than metal amalgam filling. The materials used are all safe because we never compromise your health.

Why are tooth-colored fillings better than metal amalgam?

Tooth-colored fillings are a better option because they require very little removal of natural tooth structure before replacement as compared to metal amalgam. Also, they are directly bonded to the tooth for maximum strength. Besides, research has proven that tooth-colored fillings cause less tooth sensitivity, are more durable and long-lasting and also block harmful bacteria from getting underneath the filling more efficiently than metal amalgam filling.

Another big advantage of tooth-colored fillings is that they are resistant to temperature changes, as opposed to metal amalgam. Metal amalgam filling can contract and expand due to temperature fluctuations, causing it to fall out of a tooth or crack the tooth respectively. Hence, tooth-colored fillings are the most preferred and obvious option available against tooth decay.

Getting your Metal Fillings replaced

These days most patients want to get their old metal amalgam fillings replaced by tooth colored fillings because of its newly revealed benefits. Metal amalgam fillings can be toxic since amalgams consist of 50% mercury along with amounts of silver, tin, and copper. We understand your concerns regarding your health and will replace your old metal amalgam filling with new tooth-colored one by meticulously bonding the new white restorations to your teeth. We also take care of your overall health by providing mercury-free service fillings – and if you are also concerned about the effect that your old mercury-amalgam filling can have on your health, you can freely consult with us to help your body get rid of extra harmful metal toxins.

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