Mistakes You Will Want to Avoid When Finding an Implant Dentist

When you are trying to determine the best dental practice to provide you with the highest quality dental implant treatment options, there are a few things that you will need to consider in order to ensure that not only is the procedure completed by a qualified dentist, but you are getting the highest grade implants available. Below are some questions you should ask that will assist you in making an informed decision.

Should you see a dentist that has a private practice, is part of a franchise, or one that belongs to a multi-office corporation?

Many are under the impression that there are some downsides to getting dental implant treatments done at a corporate dental office. For instance, a dentist who is employed at a corporate office often doesn’t have any real incentive for staying at one certain office. Turnover rates tend to be high at corporate offices, which means that there is no guarantee that a patient’s initial dentist is going to be around on their next visit.

Another potential problem is that many corporate and even franchise dental offices are solely focused on making a profit. In some instances dentists at these types of dental practices are offered financial incentives to perform certain procedures, which can lead to subjective treatment recommendations. Additionally, because of the fees associated with support staff and management, this may mean that these type of practices are unable to offer patients more affordable dental treatments.

Finally, corporate dental practices are often set up to provide specific treatment options to their patients, which could mean that a patient is not provided with all of the alternative treatment methods for dental implants just the ones that a specific office is set up to provide.

Our dentist office proudly offers all available treatment option including alternatives to dental implants. Our all-inclusive dental practice has a number of highly qualified dentists on staff who are able to perform many different types of dental procedures, in office, which allows us to provide our services at a lower cost.

Not only do we accept most insurance carries, but we also offer payment plans through a third party company who can get you set up with monthly payments, allowing you to get the procedures you need. In an effort to help make the process as stress free as possible we will fill out your paperwork and file it for you.

Will the whole procedure be performed at the same office by the same dentist?

When you come to our dental office for a preventative, restorative, or other cosmetic dental procedure we ensure that you will be seen by the same dentist at the same location throughout the entire process. This helps us to make the process easier for our patients by eliminating the inconvenience of having to go to multiple office locations for different phases of the procedure.

Will my implants be based on quality or cost?

Getting an implant procedure done at a cheaper price may seem like a good deal, but in the

long-run it could end up causing you more problems. It is important to look past the cost and instead find a dentist who is going to provide you with high quality care and personalized services. When you are looking into getting a dental procedure, your dentist should take the time to layout all of your options and develop a treatment plan with your unique concerns in mind, including a treatment that will best fit your budget.

How well does the dentist understand the different types of implants and know which implants will work best for you?

Not every dentist is going to be trained to perform all types of implant procedures. When trying to determine the best dentist to complete your procedure it may be more beneficial to choose a dentist that has the ability to perform multiple forms of dental implant procedures.

Our Implantologist has completed extensive training in dental implants systems and is fully qualified to perform most type of implants and will be able to work directly with each patient to determine, which procedure is best.

Is this type of dental procedure routine for this implantologist?

Before you get an implant procedure done you should ensure that the selected dental practice is equipped to perform the procedure. Those who do not routinely perform implant procedure are not going to be as effective as dentist who does the procedure.

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